Monday, July 20, 2015

Smiles, Camera, Action!


 Did you know that transforming your smile can have an outstanding impact on your life and career?

If the eyes are the window to your soul then the Smile is the window to your personality.”

Ever wondered why some celebrities seem to have that eternal smile and appeal –like all they need to be wearing is their smile. A beautiful smile while being visually attractive, ageless and timeless is what sets you apart. Here’s exploring how a winning smile can change it all for you as an aspiring actor and if it is that X factor you were always looking for!

Actors whose dazzling smiles have become iconic, idealized and synonymous with their star persona. 

Is your smile the only thing standing between you and a great career?

While beauty lies in the eye of the beholder this is undeniable that as the world becomes a global village, the media portrays profound respect for beauty as a fundamental measure of perfection.

People are unwilling to accept anything less than the best. The positivity and dynamism within must reflect without. 

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Friday, July 10, 2015

A Smile Makeover


A smile makeover involves comprehensive and broad procedures with regards to the assessment of appearance of the teeth and smile. Generally, a lot of cosmetic dentistry proceedings and set-up are needed to fix or to rather improve the look of the patient’s smile. Try to consider it as plastic surgery exclusively undertaken for the mouth.

Your dentist’s expertise and skill played a great role in the outcome of the cosmetic dentistry work particularly your smile makeover. The field of cosmetic dentistry does not have much requirement such as additional education and special certification, unlike any other dental specialists such as orthodontics and periodontists as well. Any dentist with a degree in general dentistry can perform or practice cosmetic dentistry procedures, however, most of them have undertaken continuing education courses in the treatments and procedures.

For a cosmetic dentist, a renewal of something less-splendid dentition into dazzling, spectacular smile is the start of immeasurable fulfilment. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry brings back and improves the health and integrity of the patient’s dentition, more importantly, it enhances self-esteem. Every dental professional must somehow or rather simultaneously be a clinician, an art expertise, and a good communicator. Much consideration must be given to every detail, from the initial consultation through treatment planning, the actual treatment itself and follow-up care, otherwise success and great satisfaction can be thoroughly achieved. 

A gorgeous, charming smile can be associated to the following factors:  the harmony of color, size and shape, incisal edges, occlusal plane and midline with the patient’s features and appearance. The creation of a dazzling smile for imperfect teeth usually happens by enhancing their shape, length, width and alignment. The smile that the patient wants or demands is one key element for the success in the treatment procedures. The consideration should not be attributed alone with the dentist’s own design idea and treatment plan.

The outcome of modern technology such as smile selection guide, temporization techniques and cosmetic imaging aids to lessen the problem and other complications, thus, facilitates the communication necessary to build a successful case right from the start. Definitely, such innovation allows them to visualize final aftermath and resulted to an absolute increase in patient’s satisfaction.

A dazzling smile radiates happiness, warms the heart and invites every soul to smile too. A smile makeover is designed to improve or rather enhance the aesthetic and practical aspects of the teeth through cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. In the overall context of the face, it’s the eyes and smile that speak to us. When we smile they both spark and the world lights up!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How To Stop Your Child Getting Holes In Their Teeth


 I watched the live twitter feed as The Dentist was on last night  ( I know I need to get out more)  and I was struck  ( but secretly pleased )  by the outrage from the general public as child after child was referred for the removal multiple teeth under general anaesthesia. "Refer to social services" said one. "Some people should not be allowed to have children" said another. so if we all think this is appalling, then how come day in day out I refer children for this procedure? How can you stop your child getting holes in their teeth?

Firstly, let's get this straight. Dental decay or caries is 100% preventable. There are few conditions where the teeth come through poorly formed as a result of genetic conditions or a disturbance which happens around the time of birth but these are in the minority. Most of the children and young people I see have holes which could have been avoided. so it is just a case of eating fewer sweets? Well yes, and no. Yes, because diet is a big factor, but it's not the only one.

So, here are my top tips to stop your child getting holes in their teeth:

1.)  Get grandparents on side

Try to encourage grandparents to use alternative treats to sweets - putting money in their piggy bank or buying a small gift can allow them to spoil grandchildren without wrecking their teeth.
2.)  Spit, don't rinse

From the age of 3 your child can use a pea sized amount of adult toothpaste. Encourage them to spit out excess paste, but not rinse their mouth with water. Why? Because rinsing washes away the fluoride which has shown to reduce dental decay.

3.)  Respect the golden hour

 Dentists call the hour before bed, "The golden hour". Avoid letting your child have anything to eat or drink in this time aside from water. The reason for this is that when whenever we have anything containing sugar to eat, it takes our mouths time to recover and to move from the process of demineralisation  ( rebuilding them again ) . When we sleep, our mouths dry out and we lose the protective effect of saliva. This is why having sweet things in the hour before bed is a recipe for disaster.

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