Thursday, April 14, 2016

Digital Impression Technique in The Dental Industry


Do you remember my latest blog article How Digital Dentistry Can Help Simplify The Digital Workflow, where you could read about how digital technologies take the dental industry by storm? In this blog article, I will dig deeper into the effects of intra-oral scanning and why the technique has earned its good reputation. I spoke to a dentist and a dental technician that use Elos Medtech’s digital dentistry solution about their, and more importantly, their patients’ experiences of the digital technique.

The digital development is on the rise within the dental industry

If you ask a dentist and a dental technician about the digital development within dental care, you will most likely get two different answers. From a dentist’s point of view, the development has accelerated only in the last few years, involving digital prints, 3D-printing and intra-oral scanning. For the dental labs, on the other hand, the digital development arose already in the early nineties, starting with the scanner. Since then, many new technologies have emerged on the market, creating a high level of competition. Today, many of the dental labs have up to 95 percent digital equipment, and within the coming five years, most of the dental labs will probably go completely digital. 

The dentists and dental technicians requested a modern and high-quality technique 

The dentist and the dental technician work in symbiosis with each other, one dependent on the other to do their job. Therefore, the need for a digital impression technique was just as big for both parties. The dental industry had a need for a smooth technique that would  produce a safe, high-quality product with a good fit. The need for a digital impression technique was also driven by pure health reasons, since the process of molding an object frees a lot of unhealthy gas. Today, the intra-oral scanning procedure is growing stronger and stronger within the dental industry.

“In the dental industry, it is important to work with open systems, and not be tied to certain production flows, which Elos Medtech’s solution enables. The cooperation with Elos Medtech was very successful”, says Bj√∂rn Gjelvold, Dentist at the Swedish Public Dental Service.

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